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Words Cannot Express How Awesome This Is

ok so this flash is one of, if not THE MOST AWESOME FLASH EVER!!!!!
i think you expressed this song perfectly and you made the flash to suit the song just
iim spea...... wow
you did a great job
perfect 10 dear sir you earned it!

This was Beutiful

Dude you did a great job. The way you captured how out of something bad something so beutiful can rise up and make everyone inspired
i was really touched by this flash animation you have done a brilliant job mad
you deserve the whole 10 stars

i like ^_^

you did a fkn awesome job man 10 stars! ^_^

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hey man
this was a very good game
but i was kinda hoping there would be something like an ending boss
and most of the items never got used
like the ping pong ball what was with that???
i did like the credit card
that was a good play on words haha
anyways i think it was a major letdown to the end of the game that there was no final boss
i mean you could have even made johnathan lose control and then try killing ira
anyways so for the overall awesomeness i give it a 10 but for the lack of bosses and a few random things that had hickups in the game i deduct 2
So i shall give it an 8
keep up the good work
and i hope you work on a sequal that will be FUCKING AWESOME coz i did like this game.


hey man you did a fucking perfect job on the animaton it was just so smooth
like fark man and the movment was done so good
perfect 10!

omfg i lost

dude i was on hard and i did everything by day 60 and i had 40 strength so i got some money and started to train and i thought i on day 75 would go kill the mofo so on day 74 i rested up and the it sayed "pico couldn't save his girlfriend he fails" i mean what the fuck dude you have to have day 75 when you go to sleep on day 75 not day 74 i mean what the fuck dude it pissed me off

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I thought the lead up was a tad boring and it was starting to put me to sleep but then at 50 seconds BAM one of those amazing kick ins you have which i really love
i love your hard-style kinda songs with heavy beats like All's lost when it kicks in is just mad. I think you should have allot more songs with harder kick ins. Something that can get the blood pumping through your veins and easy to dance to, something that can block every other thing out. i believe that All's lost achieved that and you should attempt to make more songs not so much the same as it but similar to it and your sweet. But i could defiantly see your sounds playing at a club or event.
Keep up the good work man! Props.

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Hey Man i love this song
and even tho its already repeated
many times all that my mind says when
its playing is "This Is The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of"

ShootingStar responds:

Sweet! Thanks for the review!!



I love the fact that i found like 10 ipod worthy song just from you
i love your work man keep up the good work

Ummmm im hot single and only for the chicks :D ummmmmm not much about me to know i just started to get into creating music and flash i go to Overnewton Anglican Community Collage Kronos

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